Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Alyssa Gilkey Fund

We are very thankful to the sweet people at Collin Bank for helping to set up the Alyssa Gilkey fund. The account is now open and ready for donations, which will go toward helping Cyd and her family with the cost of the funeral and medical bills. You can either donate in person at the bank, transfer the money online through your bank, or mail donations to the bank. Make sure checks are made out to the Alyssa Gilkey fund. The Collin Bank is located in Frisco at 8802 Coleman Blvd. Frisco, Texas 75034. 972-930-0500. In Plano, the Collin's bank is also located at 2701 Dallas Parkway, Suite 100, Plano, Texas 75093. 469-326-0050. Thank you for your continued support of this precious family during these difficult times.

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  1. You can send checks via mail to either of these Collin Bank locations (make checks payable to The Alyssa Gilkey Fund) or have them sent electonically from your bank of choice to Collin Bank. Thank you all SO MUCH in advance for your contributions to help this dear family.